Music Player Network

By Musicians, For Musicians


All about the music

We're here because of music. 

Listening to music. Talking about music.  Reading and writing about music, alone and with others.  Playing music live, alone and with others.  Going to see people play music live, alone and with others.  Recording music live, and in the studio.  Keeping music alive in all forms...

...because without it, what's the point?


Finally, after literally years of waiting...

...our beloved Music Player Network forums have gotten current software as well as a bit of a well-deserved facelift.

The forums - along with the rest of MPN - are now owned and run by the people who created it and kept it alive for almost twenty years.  

We remain passionately committed to ensuring that the forum experience that we've all come to know and love will be continue to be preserved.


Come on in, pull up a chair

As so many of our longtime members and friends have continued to choose to spend their time here since we opened the doors in September 2000, the community has continued to grow and expand as we've added more friends and new partners to the Music Player Network.   

We're celebrating our 20th anniversary later in 2020, and we have all sorts of new, fun and interesting things to try to continue making MPN a comfortable place to be for musicians of all ages all over the world.